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In-House Interior Design

When you are considering renovating your home, you begin wondering whether it would be good idea to hire a professional interior designer for the job. In most instances, homeowners have a fair idea about what they want done, the features and elements they want added and the ambience they want in their home. While this may be true, the fact also is that though interior design seems like a simple task, it really isn’t.

There is a vast difference between interior decoration and interior design. The former doesn’t require any formal training and anyone with a certain amount of good taste can design a home fairly well. However that doesn’t mean the home will function well too. When you hire the services of a company like Big Kahuna Construction Inc for your interior design requirements, you are assured that the job will be done to your specifications.

Other Design Services

We provide general construction services as well and handle construction of new builds, renovation and remodeling projects. Some of our customers have architects or interior designers of their own and we are more than happy to work with them on your project.

However, a large number of our clients from in and around Sun City, Sun City West and Sun City Grand come to us with their interior designing and general construction requirements – in some cases it may just be one or two rooms, while at others it may be the entire home that needs to be revamped. Over the years we have also catered to a number of customers across Westbrook Village, Triology, Vistancia and Peoria.

Home Design – Different Aspects We Keep In View

We understand that your home is your haven and that just as you want a professional to handle the interior designing work, you want them to understand what your vision for the indoor space design is. As mentioned earlier, we are able to do all this and more. The things we focus on are:

  • We provide custom solutions and incorporate all your ideas into the interior design plans
  • We ensure that we have complete understanding of your preferences and likings
  • The priority is to create functional spaces that will be comfortable to use
  • You will be provided options of materials to choose from and can take your pick as per your personal taste
  • Our color consultants work closely with you and provide advice about the color combinations that would work for the wall paint, the flooring and other elements too
  • Lighting concepts will be discussed
  • Plans and designs will be provided for the outdoor living areas (if you require those)
  • Fixtures, hardware, cabinetry etc plans will be finalized
  • Once we have all these things in place we will start the project as scheduled and complete it right on time

We are very thorough in our approach to our work and very passionate about what we do. For outstanding, specialized interior design services, call Big Kahuna Construction Inc at 623-566-8809. You can send us your queries using this online form.
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